Who Uses Our Carbon Filter Bag July 10 2013, 6 Comments

1. Daycare Centre - for wash room to remova the odor from kids' poo poo.

    Chester Le Daycare Center in Scarborough, ON.


2. Realty Agent - Gift to his client who buy the new house, second house, new condos.

   Mr. Kevin bought one box for his clients when the carbon arrived in Toronto on June 12, 2013


3. Home renovation - VOCs odor removal

  Mr. Ming is from Toronto, Canada, who bought 20 bags first to remove the odors for his condo renovation, then buy 20 bags more within one week.

  Ms. Maggic is from Toronto, ON, buy the carbon to reome the odors for the kitchen after the renovation.

  Mr. Jing, Shanghai, China, uses our carbon to remove the odors for her daughter's new condo for wedding.


 4. Condos & house builders - VOCs odor removal

   Edenshaw Home is going to test our samples for their new codons.


5. Renovators - VOCs odor removal

   Mr. Chai uses our carbon to remove after he complete his project for his client. 


6. Individual - for closet, refrigerator, wash room, shoes, home odor,...

   Mr. Mickael is from FL, US, who bought a 2300 sq. feet in 2010, he has moved out the new house for more than 2 years due to  odors in the house. He will live back to his house when the 3 carbon boxes are there in late of July 2013.

   Mr. Esteban is from North Miami, US, who bought 10 carbon bag first, then oder one box for his condo.

   Ms. Anna uses our carbon to remove the odor and smell for her closets at home.

   Mr. Lu, Shanghai, China, uses our carbon to remove the odors for his daughter's bedroom since there is a new set of furniture.

   Ms. Shepee put two carbon bags into her car. Three days late, she told me there is no smell in her car when driving the car to go to work in the morning. She will give put two carbon bags to her father's car.

  Ms. Alina is from Mississagua, ON. Since the odor from the new furniture is really bad. 

  Mr. S. Fabi is from Ottawa, ON. He ordered the carbon to removal the garage's odor on July, 26th, 2013



and YOU, if you have a car, going to buy a condo or house, have sports bag,...., want to remove the odor. Order it on line now!