We supply Nose Mask, Face Mask, Activated Carbon, Activated Carbon Fiber, Black Bone Carbon

We sale 100% virgin coal and coconut shell based activated carbons for water and waste water treatment, air purification, and golden mine. More information is in "Carbon" at home page.  We also suppply the black bone carbon for water treatment.

Rocky Air Nose Mask was formed in middle 2020. Our moission  was to design and provide respiratory  products to protect against air pollution, wirefire smoke, gases and virus. 

There is no air leaking, HEPA and activated carbon fibre to capture odors, smell, wildfire smoke, capture airborne virus and VOC's. Highest level of filtration were more comfortable for user to wear, lighter in weight, medical type material to make, and smellest in size to cover face.

Our customers s are the lung cancer, construction and outdoor workers, pollen allergy person and workers as PPE  etc.

"Rocky Air - Both HEPA H11 + activated carbon fibre Nose Mask  and The HEPA H12 + activated carbon fibre Portable Air Purifier with Nose Mask are available for order now.  We have sold both items to Austrial, Taiwan, USA, Canada, China, Sweden, UK and Norway.

We are developing more types of face mask to cover both nose and mouth:

(1) HEPA H11 filter Face Mask.

(2) HEPA H12 filter Portable Air Purifier with Face Mask

Our application for both  HEPA H11 Nose Mask and HEPA H12 Portable Purifier with Nose Mask Kit had been accepted for Medical Device Establishment Licence  (MEDL) by Health Canada in 2021.

We are making Double Jacks to rescue the car in flooding water. And we are going to make the filter bag (6 HEPA H13 + 1 carbon fiber ) spare parts for the  portable air furifier.