Activated Carbon, Nose Mask (Rocky Air) and Jackbag

We sale 100% virgin activated carbon for water and waste water treatment, air purification, and golden mine. More information is in "Carbon" at home page.

We are going to make the Nose Mask call "Rocky Air" to treat the air. Make people health and smile! 

We are going to innovate the "JB Jackbag" to protect your car in case your car is fired out on road in flood water. The car will be floating on Jackbag out off deep water to safety place within short time (5 -10 minutes). Save People, Save Car and Save Money.

 "Rocky Air - N95 HEPA Nose Mask and  N99 HEPA Portable Air Purifier with Nose Mask are available for pre-order soon.  We will make the  N99 Air Purifier with Face Mask soon. 

The N99 HEPA Portable Purifier can be air filter to treat the air in the new car, to remove VOC's, odors very fast. Supply the fresh air during your driving.