N95 Filter Nose Mask - Pollen Allergy, Smoke, Pollution, Odors, Bacteria.

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N95 Nose Mask with Silver Ions added HEPA H11 (N95 Filter)

A. Air Filter

The air filter is a combined following items

1. Silver Ions added HEPA H11 filter

The filter is HEPA H11 with silver added to purify the air, brock the PM2.5 by >95%. The HEPA is a melting spray layer, same material as N95 face mask using. It can brock dust, pollen, allergens and bacteria. It has lower air resistance, easy to breath.   

The HEPA with the Silver Ions sprayed is reusable.

2. Activated carbon fiber

The activated carbon remove the VOC's , Odors, smells.

3. No-woven cloth

No-woven cloth brock the water from the nose into filter. 

 B  The nose mask 

There are four parts for the nose mask: (1) plastic nose mask box, (2) HEAP filter (3) Nasal Pillow (4) head gear.

The frame of Nose Mask is made by PC + ABS Plastic and Silicon. There are 3 sizes of nasal pillows (Large, Middle and Small) for man, women and children. There is no air leaking.


C. Advantage and Application of the Nose Mask:

1. No air leaking, safety for skin, breath easy.

2. Nose part design is ideal for both continuous and intermittent use.

3. Multi-purpose respirator assembly works in a variety of workplace application.

4. Brock dust, pollen, allergens, and bacteria. So the construction workers, People wear it during eating, drinking, or Kara OK (Singing) as PPE.

5. Protect the Pollen Allergy


  Cleaning and Replacement

1. Nose Mask cleaning: clean water to wash with hand soap.

3. Replace the  air filter when you need.



1. on set of nose mask,

2. 3 nasal pillows: L, M and S sizes 

3. HEPA filter (meet N95 standard), Activated carbon fiber with no woven cloth

4. 1 headgear (adjustable)

5. Shelf-life:  2 years

6. Weight of nose mask with headgear: 28g 



1. The Rocky Air is designed by our company Jurassic Activated Carbon Inc. in Canada. This Nose Mask is made in China. 

2. ETA Delivery date: Oct., 2021