About Jurassis Activated Carbon Inc.

We are the 100% Canadian owned incorporation located in Toronto from 2004. We are the major activated carbon supplier for water treatment, waste water treatment and air treatment in Canada.

We are developing new products named “Rocky Air"

1. "Rocky Air" is a nose mask for air treatment replace the face mask. 

There is no air leaking, no moisture, less area cover by nose mask on face.

The portable air purifier can brock PM2.5 by 99.2% by HEPA H12 , lower cost for operation. It is the best air filter for personal health use.

Our application for both HEPA Filter Nose Mask and HEPA Portable Air Purifier with Nose Mask Kit had been accepted for Medical Device Establishment Licence  by Health Canada in Jun 2021. 

We have sold our Nose Masks in Canada, Austrial, USA , Taiwan, China, Sweden , UK and Norway.


(a), The first Rocky Air - Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon Filter Nose Mask was launched in July 2020. 


 (b). The HEPA H12 Air Purifier with Nose Mask

 (c).  HEPA H11 Filter Nose Mask


(d). HEPA H12 + Activated Carbon fibre with Face Mask

 2. Activated Carbon for Commercial:

We supply all kind of activated carbon in forms of powder, ganula and  pellet as following:

1). Bituminous coal based activated carbon             

2). Lignited coal based activated carbon

3). Wood based activated carbon

4). coconut based activated carbon

5). Anthracite coal based activated carbon

6). Activated carbon fibre

7) Black Born Charcoal

Packaging size:

For any question or more information about our commercial products, please open the Activated Carbon on the top of this page.

There are two standard packing size: 25kg/bag and 500kg/bag


        500kg Bulk Bag


       25kg Bag