High Temperature Tube

The flexible high temperature pipe's application:

Snorkel:Resuce the car quickly pass the deep flood water.


The VDP was closed two times near Dundas Street due to flood water in Toronto in 2018. The Bayview Road were closed two times too. Here is the photo.

The flood water was on DVP in spring 2018


The "Floodaway Snorkel" is an additional tube connect to car exhaust pipe in order to protect the car die out in flood water. The car can drive in the water with our "Floodaway Snorkel" if the water is below then the top of rim. The above car was fired out even the level of water at middle of rim due to whole exhaust pipe is under the water. 

The snorkel is flexible, chemical and corrode resistance. 

Type ID: 2"(50mm), 3" (75mm) and 4" (100mm)

Length: 100cm

Temperature range: -40  to 80 centigrade

Weight: 0.65kg(2" ), 1.0kg(3"),1.25kg (4")

It is flexible.  Chemical and corrodible resistance; High temperature resisting. It is light, easy to install on exhaust pipe.

Here are some photos for the connection.

The steel butterfly hose clamp:

    Thumb grew makes rotating easier no need for a screwdriver,

    Easy to tighten, no tools needed,

    Easy and quick installation/remove (less then 60 seconds)



Turn off the engine when you install/remove the snorkel on /from exhaust pipe. Put on gloves

Temporary use: remove the snorkel from the exhaust pipe when pass the deep flood water.




3" conect to Toyota Camary LE V6

 4" tube connect to Toyota Camary XSE 2016

3" tube connect to Oval pipe3" tube connect to 3" pipe