Rocky Air -Nose Mask for Air Treatment

Nose Mask - PPE for air treatment

First, the Nose Mask is no air leaking, , free talking, free drinking, and less area cove the face. It is Mr. Rodger Lu's innovation.

Second, the air filter box can brock PM 2.5 by 99.7%. The HEPA +Activated Carbon Fiber are in box.

Third, we will make the nose mask without air tube. so it is easy to use.

We will sale the "Rocky Air - Nose Mask " in July, 2020


1. Nose Mask as PPE for odor and VOC's removal, a bacteriostatic agent.

more photos are coming for our first product: Nose Gas Mask


 There are 3 sizes (L, M and S) of nasal pillow (silicon part) for kids and adult.

The  head strap is adjustable for both adult and kids too.

The filter air bag is silver impregnated activated carbon, which is a bacteriostatic agent, remove the VOC's and odors.

 The silver activated carbon filter can reuse for 90 days. 

The  carbon filter can be heated for 10 second to remove the moisture in microwave. It is available in market in July, 2020.


2. Air purifier with Nose Mask

(HEPA H12 and Carbon fiber.



There a air tube to link the Nose Mask and the air purifier as a PPE to treat air. 

There are 3 levels of air flow speed. The filter can brock out PM2.5 by 99.7%. The filter is replaced by every 3 -6 months. There are 3 size of nasal pillows 

This produce is available in Nov. 2020.