Double Jacks Scissor Stand is for a Car Rescue in Flood Water, weight capacity 4400 lbs, lifting heigh 768mm (30 inch)

Double Jacks Scissor Stand is for a car lift rescue by yourself quickly  in flooding water

We are making the Double Jacks Stand to lift the car in flood water.
The 4 car lift jacks can hold up car to 4400 lbs/2.0 tons with 768mm height. Easy to Operate: Lift your car with no extra tools. All it takes is a spin of the detachable metal handle to raise the jack effortlessly. The maximun lifting height is 30"/768mm.
The car is in balance and stable on 4 jacks. There is 50x23cm top platform provides a large contact area. And 4 jacks covered 0.46 square meter area to make suce the car is in balance. Fold the car lift to a 130mm height for compact storage and transport in car. The powder-coated finish resists oil, grease, and rust, making it easy to clean and store in your garage or car, or towing trucker.

Package Size:     500x230x130mm

Package weight: 14kg/Jack

Weight capacity:  2000kg(4400lbs)

Optimal Height:   768mm (30”)

Material:              Steel

Brand:                 Scissor-X Jacks

There are 4 Double Jacks  to lift a car by metal handle.

We can quick set up, connect and lift the car up to 76.8cm when your car is stalled (the water level is about 25cm). The car is safe and stable on jacks.

Example of water level for car float:

A small car like a Toyota Yaris, weighing 1.05 tonnes, was moved by water only 15 cm deep and with a flow speed of just 3.6 km/h. It completely floats away in 60 cm of water. Even a 2.5 tonne Nissan Patrol 4WD can be rendered unstable by floodwater 45cm high, and a similar flow speed. Once the water reaches 95 cm, the four-wheel drive can completely float, and needs almost zero force to move it by hand.

The jack stand is used on car driving road or packing lot with hard flate surface. Read the operation instruction guide before use.