Smome researh result for the wildfire damages October 18 2022, 26 Comments

Research has linked wildfire smoke to the worsening of several conditions. Fierce wildfires in California in 2020 caused people to inhale smoke that raised their risk of heart attacks by up to 70%, a study found, with the smoke causing an estimated 3,000 deaths in people older than 65.

A separate study published in May found that people living within 50km (31 miles) of wildfires over the past decade had a 10% higher incidence of brain tumors and a 5% higher chance of developing lung cancer compared with people living farther away.

There are 25 milllion people in 2020 alone breathing in potentially toxic air from fire in US. There are 10 million people in western US smoke from wildfires can be 10 time more harmful than the sources of air pollution 

Wearing a Portable HEPA air purifier with nasal mask is more comfortable than not wearing it September 06 2022, 15 Comments

Mr. Jing had the first stage of lung cancer in 2021. He told me that wearing a portable HEPA air purifier with nasal mask is more comfortable than not wearing it. The fresh air is suply from the air purifier. He wears it to cooking.

He is living in Shanghai. He never smoke. He told me there are 10 retaird teachers with lung cancer in SUFE (about 500 retired stuff). 

There are HEPA H12 filter and activated carbon filter inside the air filter to treat the air. It can absorb the VOC's, Odor and Smells.



Wire Fire make air pollution in Wester of North America November 23 2021, 13 Comments

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is 170 in Miles City, US today.  The AQI index is always higher in Seattle and San Francisco due to wire fire smoke. The wire fire burned everything, tree, grass, house, car, plastic, cable, furniture....., all are flying into the air The smoke is toxic, harmful for body. 

Ours N95 HEPA filter nose mask can filter our smoke for you with no air leaking. It is sliver ions sprayed on filter, re-useable, lighter, no foggy, comfortable to wear. 

We also supply the N99 HEPA Portable Purifier for you!

I can eating, drinking and smile! Nose Mask -for wild fire smoke, allergies, air pollution, virus and travel August 27 2021, 37 Comments

Why Buy a Face Mask That Only Does 80% the Job?

This includes N95/N99-rated masks and particle respirators, which only filter out particulate matter, offering you no protection from the hundreds of dangerous chemicals and gases in wildfire smoke, cigarette smoke, traffic pollutants and smog, nor from VOCs and fragrances at home and in the workplace. The Face mask has air leaking from top to the two sides.

Nose Mask has HEPA 95 with silver icon sprayed, activated carbon fiber, and no-woven cloth combined filter, designed to provide effective wide-spectrum air cleaning of allergens, particles and gases, while offering reusable, durability, comfort and no air leaking style. 

Our replacement air filter is N95 with silver sprayed on. We make the sample today with mass production facility.


Nose Mask PM0.3 first sample is on the way to test April 01 2019, 8 Comments

The first sample o named Rocky Air Nose mask is on the way to test. Here is the photo of nose mask after 2 years' design. 

It is no leak, no fog, and  instead of face mask with less area to cover the face.

There are 3 different sizes to pick up to for your nose. All the set of nose mask including in air filter box, air tube, headage and filters packaged in small case as below easy to carry when you travelling in China or India. 


Our nose mask filters out the SMOG, VOC's and odors. There is 4 air flow speeds to adjust in order to supply fresh air for your purpose of using.

Rocky Air coming soon!