Scissor-X Jacks (30 inch) sampleis in testing December 06 2023, 0 Comments


The Scissor-X Jacks is in testing. We are going to reduce the packaging height of jack to 100mm, in order to mist of the car. Most cars have a ground clearance of between 4 and 8 inches (10-20 cm). 


I can drive the car passing flood water with snorkel now! November 22 2018, 4 Comments

The snorkel can help you to drive the car in flood water if the water level is lower than the top of rim.

You can install or  remove it very easy and quick. You put on groves and turn off the car engine due to the emission is about 60-80 centigrade when the car is standby.

The snorkel is temporary use for you to pass the deep flood water. You can drive fast in order to push the water away from the head and less water contact to engine or battery of the car. You remove the snorkel from the exhaust pipe after you pass the flood water.

4" extra exhaust pipe install on car Camry XES 2016


Driving through flood water November 22 2018, 4 Comments

How to driving through flood water?

1. Don't pass the flood water escape you have to do so.

2. Look and check the deep of flood water before you go further. You can find the deep of water through other car's path.

3. You can go slowly at gear 1 with stable speed if the exhaust pipe is over the water level.

4. It is safety to use our Floodaway Snorkel to pass the deep water (water level lower than top of rim)

5. Don't restart the engine if the car is fire out in flood water.

6. lift the car or move the car away from flood if the car is fired out in flood water ASAP.

What Can I do if there is the flood water ahead? November 09 2018, 105 Comments

There are a lot of answers to tell you go or not go if there is a flood water ahead. You can go with "Floodaway Snorkel"  if the water level lower the top of rim. Since the snorkel can make  extra exhaust pipe for the car. And the end of snorkel is always over the flood level.

3" tube connect to pipe


The temperature is getting higher and higher, more storms an flood around the world. There are more flood water from east to waster in Canada due to ice dissolve in spring.

London, ON, Canada. Spring 2018

 Flood in China