"HEPA H12 + Activated carbon fibre" air purifier nose mask is the best one to remove wildfire smoke September 13 2022, 48 Comments

Our “HEPA H12 + Activated carbon fibre“ portable air purifier with nose mask is the best PPE product to remove the wirefire smoke.

1. HEPA 12 remove PM2.5by 99.7%

2. Activated carbon fiber can remove the hazardous gases in smoke

3. The nose mask has no air leaking.




HEPA + Activated Carbon fiber can remove wildfire smoke with no air leaking nose mask July 20 2022, 57 Comments

We use both HEPA H11 (N95) and Activated Carbon fiber for nose mask,  which can absorb the wildfire smoke. since our nose mask is no air leaking, so you will feel the air is very clean when you wear it in the area with wildfire smoke. 

The used 3 HEPA filters are compared to  the news one in photo here.



Activated Carbon Fibre for air treatment February 12 2019, 8 Comments


The best way to treat the air is air filter. The activated carbon fibre is an important  material to make air filter. We can supply the fibre by 2 meter width, 10mm thick , packing by rolls.

The above shipping package for 4mm X 1M, 100 /roll.