What kind of mask should be wearing for Wild Fire Smoke? July 16 2022, 8 Comments

Forest fire smoke is a complex and dynamic mixture of gases and very small particles that can irritate the respiratory system and cause systemic inflammation.

Our N95 HEPA with activated carbon nose mask is the right one to protect you for wildfire smoke. Since no air leaking, HEPA H11 can small particles and activated carbon fibre can remove VOC's for you. 

There are a lot of wildfire in Rocky Mountain both Canada and US.

Advice to minimize health effects from Government Website:

  • If you have a chronic condition, have rescue medication on hand at all times and a plan to follow if your rescue medication cannot bring your condition under control.
  • Look for indoor environments that might be less smoky, such as shopping malls, community centres and libraries.
  • Avoid physical exertion because the amount of smoke you breathe increases as your breathing rate increases.
  • Keep hydrated as it helps your body deal with inflammation.

The face mask can not remove the smoke since there is air leaking and can not remove the very small particles, e.g. odors, smells, or VOC's.


No. 1 Nose Mask for Wildfire Smoke, VOC's, odors and smell July 14 2022, 103 Comments

The HEPA filter with activated carbon fibre to remove wirefire smoke, VOC's, odors and smell. There is no air leaking with fresh air to breathe.  


Our N95 Nose Mask V Face Mask in air leaking, remove pollen, VOC's and more April 01 2022, 20 Comments

                                           N99 HEPA  Nose Mask        Normal Face Mask

Capturing COVID-19                            Yes                                  No

Air leaking                                             No                                   Yes

Reusable                                               Yes                                 No

Fog                                                         No                                 Yes

Face cove                                              No                                  Yes

Nose Cover                                           Yes                                  No

Mouth Cover                                          No                                   Yes

PM2.5 filter rate                                    >95%                               78%

Killing rate of bacteria                          99%                                  No

With Activated Carbon filter                 Yes                                   No 

Remove SMOKE/Odor                        Yes                                  N/A

Filter Bacteria                                      >95%                               N/A

Remove pollen                                    Yes                                   N/A

Remove VOC's                                   Yes                                   N/A

I can eating, drinking and smile! Nose Mask -for wild fire smoke, allergies, air pollution, virus and travel August 27 2021, 37 Comments

Why Buy a Face Mask That Only Does 80% the Job?

This includes N95/N99-rated masks and particle respirators, which only filter out particulate matter, offering you no protection from the hundreds of dangerous chemicals and gases in wildfire smoke, cigarette smoke, traffic pollutants and smog, nor from VOCs and fragrances at home and in the workplace. The Face mask has air leaking from top to the two sides.

Nose Mask has HEPA 95 with silver icon sprayed, activated carbon fiber, and no-woven cloth combined filter, designed to provide effective wide-spectrum air cleaning of allergens, particles and gases, while offering reusable, durability, comfort and no air leaking style. 

Our replacement air filter is N95 with silver sprayed on. We make the sample today with mass production facility.


The ways to get your home smell away October 07 2013, 4 Comments

Most people purchase air fresheners. However, there are also many economic, natural ways to make your house smell good. The cost of air fresheners are from C$200 to C$500 for one room only.  There is a monthly maintenance cost additional.

The quickest, and easiest way is to buy activated carbon filter bag. Once you have purchased carbon filter bag, you can place the carbon bag in the whole house. One 100 packs carbon filter bag cartoon is for 1100 square feet for more than one year. It is the best for the now house or codon to remove the odors from the construction material and new furniture.

Who Uses Our Carbon Filter Bag July 10 2013, 6 Comments

1. Daycare Centre - for wash room to remova the odor from kids' poo poo.

    Chester Le Daycare Center in Scarborough, ON.


2. Realty Agent - Gift to his client who buy the new house, second house, new condos.

   Mr. Kevin bought one box for his clients when the carbon arrived in Toronto on June 12, 2013


3. Home renovation - VOCs odor removal

  Mr. Ming is from Toronto, Canada, who bought 20 bags first to remove the odors for his condo renovation, then buy 20 bags more within one week.

  Ms. Maggic is from Toronto, ON, buy the carbon to reome the odors for the kitchen after the renovation.

  Mr. Jing, Shanghai, China, uses our carbon to remove the odors for her daughter's new condo for wedding.


 4. Condos & house builders - VOCs odor removal

   Edenshaw Home is going to test our samples for their new codons.


5. Renovators - VOCs odor removal

   Mr. Chai uses our carbon to remove after he complete his project for his client. 


6. Individual - for closet, refrigerator, wash room, shoes, home odor,...

   Mr. Mickael is from FL, US, who bought a 2300 sq. feet in 2010, he has moved out the new house for more than 2 years due to  odors in the house. He will live back to his house when the 3 carbon boxes are there in late of July 2013.

   Mr. Esteban is from North Miami, US, who bought 10 carbon bag first, then oder one box for his condo.

   Ms. Anna uses our carbon to remove the odor and smell for her closets at home.

   Mr. Lu, Shanghai, China, uses our carbon to remove the odors for his daughter's bedroom since there is a new set of furniture.

   Ms. Shepee put two carbon bags into her car. Three days late, she told me there is no smell in her car when driving the car to go to work in the morning. She will give put two carbon bags to her father's car.

  Ms. Alina is from Mississagua, ON. Since the odor from the new furniture is really bad. 

  Mr. S. Fabi is from Ottawa, ON. He ordered the carbon to removal the garage's odor on July, 26th, 2013



and YOU, if you have a car, going to buy a condo or house, have sports bag,...., want to remove the odor. Order it on line now!


Odor Absorber for home odor control -Launching on June 12, 2013 May 11 2013, 4 Comments


Our new product coconut shell based Odor Absorber is launching on June 12, 2013.

It is all purpose odor absorber for home smell removal.

It is the best to remove the VOCs, toluene, xylene and formaldehye from home renovation.

This is non toxic, harmless and disinfects good.

There is two size package: one simple bag (50g) or 5kg carton (100 packs)