Our nose mask can help protect you from wildfire smoke! May 14 2024, 0 Comments

The best mask can help protect you from wildfire smoke due to folowing reason:

1.HEPA H11 brock PM2.5 by >95%

2. No air leaking

3. The Activated carbon fiber filter can remove smokes, VOC's, Odors and more

4. Easy breath, reusable filter

Are you ready to fight the BC annual wildfire smoke?

What is the wildfire smoke? small particle, toxic! June 09 2023, 5 Comments

The wild fire burned everthing: trees, homes, glass, trucker, cars, animals and more. The visible distance is reduced. 

So the wild fire smoke is black with smell and odor, it is toxic. The smoke is flying thousand KM away. The are small particle less them PM2.0 will go into blood. It is harmfull for your body. 

I had cough in third days during my 7 days business trip from Canada to China in 2013, the visible distance was less than 2KM in Taiyuan. There was very high air pollution in China. I feel to wear activated carbon face mask is much better than medical face mask. The medical face mask is uneless. 

I had dry cough for two months in Toronto after return from China. I had to see my family doctor. I spent C$200 on drug.

Therefore, I started to do research on face mask, and decide to make the nose mask in 2017.


Yellow sand reaches Japan again! April 13 2023, 0 Comments

What should we do when you face the yellow sand?

My suggest is wear our HEPA H11 nose mask due to no leaking.

All the face mask with leaking is failed to brock the sand. The size of sand is 1-7um, the sand will into the face mask through the leaking, then go into your nose and mouth. 

A lot of people do not wear the face mask in sand storm. Since the face mask will be wet, the sand will ben wet and stick inside of  the face mask, you will feel the skin of face is not comfortable. 

I saw the yellow sand in Beijing in spring 2003. The yellow sand flied to Japan.

It is the 8th yellow sands in China in 2023. 


Stay Home! Wear Mask!


Disadvantage of face mask, need a new mask! March 22 2023, 0 Comments

Relonged use of N95 and surgical masks by healthcare professionals during COVID-19 has caused adverse effects such as headaches, difficulty breathing, rash, acne, skin breakdown.

Surgical masks also do not prevent leakage around the mask when the user inhales. It also interferes with vision, communication, and thermal equilibrium. 

Exhaked CO2 builds up between the mask and face, and increased levels of CO2 casuse condusion, impaired congnition, and disorientation; reduce the O2 level to 17% according to research report.

Formaldenhyde is a checmical used in PPE that some are sensitive and or allergic to. 

Our Nose mask has following advantages:

1. Silicon nasal nose mask touch skin, safety

2. Ear loops is made by silicon, safety

3. Breathing easy

4. Almost no space inside nose mask, air flow go through easy by higher pressure.

5. No leaking

6, Less area cover the face.

7. Speaking clear

8. Free drinking






Performance of the nose mask February 15 2023, 0 Comments

I wear HEPA nose mask for 2.5 hours to package the activated carbon bag. There is dust during the package. All the dust is brocked on filter. 

There is no air leaking at all. The nose is very clean no carbon dust. 

50 HEPA H11 Nose Masks are going to delivery to Dubei December 09 2022, 20 Comments

We received an order to ship 50 boxes of HEPA H11 Nose Mask to a company in Dubai. The company will give the nose mask to their outside workers to have fresh air to breath. There is air pollution in Dubei. Our nose mask has advantage in brock VOC, SMOKE and no air leaking. It is very hot whole year in Dubai, it is hard towear the face mask for a day all the working time. We will update the news here.

Wildfire smoke in West Washington today October 04 2022, 4 Comments

It was another weekend with hazy skies due to wildfire smoke, with some areas of western Washington being “unhealthy for sensitive groups” according to the Washington Smoke blog

That wildfire started Sept. 10, and has consumed over 12,000 acres of forest, closed the Stevens Pass Highway for two weeks early on, and has since closed the highway several more times as crews battle the fire and its hazards like fallen trees and rocks.

We can not wait for the fresh wind coming to blow it! Do something before the smoke go away!

The easy way is to wear good mask, like our Nose Mask.

"HEPA H12 + Activated carbon fibre" air purifier nose mask is the best one to remove wildfire smoke September 13 2022, 48 Comments

Our “HEPA H12 + Activated carbon fibre“ portable air purifier with nose mask is the best PPE product to remove the wirefire smoke.

1. HEPA 12 remove PM2.5by 99.7%

2. Activated carbon fiber can remove the hazardous gases in smoke

3. The nose mask has no air leaking.




Protect yourself from pollen: wear nose mask, find the city to live ,,,,,,,,,,, August 03 2022, 4 Comments


The top 10 most challenging places to live with seasonal allergies are:

  1. Scranton, Pennsylvania
  2. Wichita, Kansas
  3. McAllen, Texas
  4. Richmond, Virginia
  5. San Antonio, Texas
  6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  7. Hartford, Connecticut
  8. Buffalo, New York
  9. New Haven, Connecticut
  10. Albany, New York


Climate Change and Allergies 

The impact of climate change has become a dangerous cycle. Rising global temperatures lead to more extreme weather. Weather changes – such as heat waves and droughts – can lead to a lack of air flow. When the air doesn’t move, pollutants react together in the heat and sun. This increases ground-level ozone.1 

Ground-level ozone is a major part of urban smog. More air pollution and smog cause higher levels of carbon dioxide (CO­­2). This results in warmer temperatures. And the cycle continues. 

This cycle results in increased pollen. This can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Rising CO2 levels lead to longer growing seasons that change flowering time and increase pollen. The length of the growing season refers to the number of days when plant growth takes place. Warmer, longer seasons increase exposure to allergens that trigger asthma and other respiratory and allergic responses.2 

Climate change is also impacting the health of people who live in urban centers. Warmer temperatures and extreme heat waves are made worse in urban areas due to an effect called an “urban heat island” (UHI). A UHI has higher temperatures than surrounding rural areas due to more buildings, roads, population, and lack of green space. Extreme heat made worse by UHIs can increase air pollution and allergic sensitivity.3 Climate change will make these UHIs worse. Black and Hispanic Americans − who already have higher rates of asthma and allergies − will be affected the most by worsening UHIs due to a long history of discrimination in U.S. housing policies. 



Why the nose mask can remove the wildfire smoke? July 25 2022, 10 Comments

Nose Mask can remove the wildfire smoke:

1. HEPA H11 (N95) filter

2. Activatec carbon fiber filter

3. No air leaking


Who is at greatest risk from wildfire smoke?

  • People who have lung diseases like COPD or asthma, or heart disease, are at higher risk from wildfire smoke.
  • Older adults are more likely to be affected by smoke. This may be due to their increased risk of heart and lung diseases.
  • Children are more likely to be affected by health threats from smoke. Children’s airways are still developing, and they breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults. Also, children often spend more time outdoors engaged in activity and play.
  • Expectant mothers may be more likely to be affected by smoke because of physical changes during pregnancy, like increased breathing rates. Expectant mothers affected by smoke may also be at risk for problems such as preterm birth and babies born with low birth weight.


No. 1 Nose Mask for Wildfire Smoke, VOC's, odors and smell July 14 2022, 103 Comments

The HEPA filter with activated carbon fibre to remove wirefire smoke, VOC's, odors and smell. There is no air leaking with fresh air to breathe.  


Rougn-Norada Quebec need Nose Mask to remove Arsenic Emission July 11 2022, 8 Comments

The Horne Copper Selter GM said that the company need hundard million dollars to install the arsenic emission treatment equipment. So, our nose mask is the best mask to filter out the arsenic pollution sicne no air leaking with HEPA H11 and activated carbon fibre.

Rocky Air HEPA filter Nose Mask can remove arsenis emission as PPE mask July 09 2022, 16 Comments

Our HEPA filter nose mask can remove arsenis emission for you in Rouyn Noranda.  The HEPA is H11 with activated carbon fiber to filter the arsenic emission in air. 

There is no air leaking, you breath 100% clean air when you wear our nose mask. 

Lung cancer patient said: Wearing the N99 portable air purifier with nose mask feels more comfortable than not to wear it. June 25 2022, 18 Comments

Mr. Jing told me today, he received the N99 portable air purifier with nose mask and to wear it in kitchen. It is more comfortable compare to not wear it.

He had lung cancel at first stage last year due to air pulltion in China, he never smoke.

He need clean air to breath now. The air is treated by HEPA H12 and acativated carbon fiber remove the PM2.5, odors and VOC's. 



Performance of HEPA N95 Nose Mask after 60 days used in Toronto, Canada June 05 2022, 5 Comments

N95 HEPA filter can clean air to keep you health!


I replace the N95 HEPA Filter after 60 days in Torotno, Canada. It is dark on used HEPA fiter in photo. 



The left one is a new filter, view from back side

The top one is used HEPA filter, view from front of filter.

I wear the nose mask to super market, watch circus, ride TTC, meet clients, etc.

I feel it is very comfortable with no fog on my glass, easy to breath with fresh air.







Our N95 Nose Mask V Face Mask in air leaking, remove pollen, VOC's and more April 01 2022, 20 Comments

                                           N99 HEPA  Nose Mask        Normal Face Mask

Capturing COVID-19                            Yes                                  No

Air leaking                                             No                                   Yes

Reusable                                               Yes                                 No

Fog                                                         No                                 Yes

Face cove                                              No                                  Yes

Nose Cover                                           Yes                                  No

Mouth Cover                                          No                                   Yes

PM2.5 filter rate                                    >95%                               78%

Killing rate of bacteria                          99%                                  No

With Activated Carbon filter                 Yes                                   No 

Remove SMOKE/Odor                        Yes                                  N/A

Filter Bacteria                                      >95%                               N/A

Remove pollen                                    Yes                                   N/A

Remove VOC's                                   Yes                                   N/A

Rocky Air N99 HEPA Portable Purifier with Nose Mask PK Dyson Zone purifier March 30 2022, 16 Comments




The Dyson Zone air purifier is launch in full in 2022 at US$400, 

Our N99 HEPA Portable Purifier with Nose Mask is C$99 launching  in Canada in April. Your can wear is with or without face mask up to you. Change air filter every 2 months.

Our filter is silver ion sprayed with activated carbon as well.

For more information about our N99 HEPA purifier with Nose mask kit , please check the product on:



More wildfires ad large around whole year in US and Canada, what should we do? March 17 2022, 10 Comments

U.S. Fires Four Times Larger, Three Times More Frequent Since 2000. It is year around now. The wild fire smoke is toxic, since everything is burned by fire into air .

What should we do? We have to have a good quality of mask to protect in case the fire is nearby your house, or you are in smoke.

Our N95 HEPA filter nose mask can help you to remove smoke. There is the activated carbon fiber inside the nose mask.



Make a "Nose Gas Mask + Swimming Glass" to be Gas Mask to Protect you in wild fire or in the War March 13 2022, 17 Comments

Ontario ending mandatory mask mandate in schools and other indoor settings on March 21 March 09 2022, 19 Comments

There is COVID-19 in airborne. Our N95 HEPA is the best protect to protect you in next stage. The airborne COVID-19 virus is breathing in through nose. Keep yourself safety and health is very important. HEPA filter can capture the COVID-19.

No air leaking, re-useable filter for 60 days, no fog, antibiosis, 

The spring is coming on the way here. Our nose mask can help you filter the pollen. There are 20-30% of Canadian with pollen allergy problem. 

What kind of mask we should wear in the war or wild fire or near volcano February 26 2022, 37 Comments

The particle size for smoke is about 500 nm. So, HEPA and N95 can filter part of smoke. There is toxic VOC's in the smoke from war, wild fire or volcano. We have to use activated carbon to absorb above items in the air. We also have to wear glass (swimming  glass is a good one with good seal). 

Our nose mask with Silver impregnated activated carbon nose mask


or N95 HEPA with activated carbon nose mask 


Both nose mask can help you to remove the the smoke with fresh air. 

The family can buy a good quality of mask in case of use. Our carbon filter nose mask has a very good performance to remove VOC's, Odors. 





Mail from The First US Customer for N99 HEPA Filter Nose Mask February 03 2022, 6 Comments

I received the letter from our 1st US Customer Mr. Bob:


Yes I have received the nose mask it is nicely packaged..
.Thank you also for the partial refund of 25 CAD... for the shipping cost
And thank you also for a brief description of how I might be able to open up the mask to have
access to the filter...
I am considering the sale final since I am experimenting with it and will keep you in mind for doing business with again
I am hoping that this mask will meet my expectations in preventing  the triggering of allergic reactions due to nuisance dusts
first I have tried it just the way it is and will see if I am not sensitive to the carbon and silver in the filter part if I am I will take that part out..
and I am impressed with how it comes apart and reassembles so that you can take the carbon filter out if I want to..
I am hoping able to use it with my glasses so that the lenses do not fog up
 like they do when I use the paper type duct bill masks that leak around my eyes when I exhale...
I am hoping that this one will provide a superior seal since it goes right up against your nostrils and I can exhale out of
your mouth when using it... this is another reason why I considered purchasing it.
It is a smart design that I could not seem to find anywhere and was thinking about trying to making my own by gluing a filter on to a sleep
apnea when I was shopping for parts and fortunately a web search brought me to a link to this product you offered on your site...

Looks Good To Me January 30 2022, 4 Comments

Stay Home, wear face mask!

Bar closed, Food Court closed,

No Fitness, no where to go!

The nose mask help you to free eating, free drinking, no fog, no virus.

We received the photo from Facebook.  He move down the face and put the nose mask on feel: Looks Good To Me".



The First Delivery in North America for N95 HEPA Nose Mask January 21 2022, 9 Comments

The First Delivery for N95 HEPA Nose Mask In North America

We have received the goods today. It is very good quality in package. The pre-order is shipped to New York this afternoon.

We also prepare the shipping packaging for local order!