"Nose Gas Mask" VS "Face Gas Mask" to protect you March 08 2022, 4 Comments

We are make the Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon Nose Mask for VOC's , Odor, and Smell removement. 

We can change the type of filter to mask "Nose Gas Mask" for protect the people in the war with similar function as Face Gas Mask. The nose gas mask can  treat the air pollution smell in the war.

What kind of mask we should wear in the war or wild fire or near volcano February 26 2022, 24 Comments

The particle size for smoke is about 500 nm. So, HEPA and N95 can filter part of smoke. There is toxic VOC's in the smoke from war, wild fire or volcano. We have to use activated carbon to absorb above items in the air. We also have to wear glass (swimming  glass is a good one with good seal). 

Our nose mask with Silver impregnated activated carbon nose mask


or N95 HEPA with activated carbon nose mask 


Both nose mask can help you to remove the the smoke with fresh air. 

The family can buy a good quality of mask in case of use. Our carbon filter nose mask has a very good performance to remove VOC's, Odors.