Case Studies - Odor Remove June 29 2013, 6 Comments

Case 1:  Kid's Poo Poo Smell

My son was the first kid to enter this new daycare - Chester Le Day Care Centre in Jan., 2012. One day afternoon in early July, 2012, the supervisor told me there were a very bad smell in the infant's washroom. She asked me to use our carbon filter to remove the odors. There is no windows and fans on the ceiling in this washroom. The lower part of door always closed. The smell was very bed due to a lot of kids poo poo yesterday, you have to hold you breath to avoid the smell. I placed 5 carbon filters in this 5 square meters washroom in the morning. There is almost no smell in the next morning when I enter this washroom. Both the staffs of infant room and supervisor are very happy. Almost one year past, the carbon bags are working very well.

Case 2: Dog's Odor

My friend Mr. Rathnan Tharan has a 70lb dog at home. The dog spends her most of time at sitting room, drinking, eating and sleeping as well. There is dog's smell in this room you will feel it when you stay in this room. Last week, I give him some samples as a gift since he helped me a lot to set up this new website. He came to my house and told me, there is no the dog's smell at all after using my carbon filter. He just put one carbon filter close to the dog's sleeping area, the odor is gone in the room in the next day. It is a mazy!

Case 3: Old Washroom's Odor

My mother-in-law is living in a 15 years' condo in Shanghai, China. There is a odor in the washroom she can not clean it. She opened the door and window even turn on the ceiling's fan. it does not working. I asked the carbon factory to send 10 carbon filters to her in March, 2103. She only place 3 carbon filters in this 5 square meter washroom. The odor is disappeared in the next morning. She was so happy with carbon 's performance.

Case 4: Remove the new furniture's odor

My brother bought a new set of furniture for her daughter in Shanghai, China. There is odors in her hed room for a long time. He opens all the windows and door all day time since the furniture was arrived. But every morming, He feels the odors is always there in the room. I give him 24 carbon fliters in May, 2013. He placed the carbon filters on the surface of furiture and inside of drawers. Her daughter told me the odor is very light in her room in the next early morming.

Case 5: Remove the new car's odor

I felt dizzy in Kavin's new car when we went to Waterloo to look at the Stage IV in May, 2013. Kevin is a real estate agent. He bought his new car last year. But there is odors inside inhis car you can feel it. I give him 3 packs and put in into his car on June 13, 2013. He bought one carton (100 packs) as a gift to his client. One week late, he told me the performance of carbon is very good. He will buy more.

Case 6: Best Gift to Your Friends Who Buy a Now House/Condos

My teacher's daughter is going to marry by end this year. I sent a 120 packs to him as a small gift when I heard the news in June 2013. Her daughter's new condos has 113 square meter. The home renovation will be completed by middle of July, 2013. It is first time for my tescher to hear the activated carbon to remove the odors and VOCs from me.

He told me he will open the windows every day to remove the odors for half year after renovation. He is worried the quality of air after renovation. There are a lot odors, VOCs in the room from the builging material and furiture. Now, He is very happy and will not worry the environment problem after he saw Jurassic Carbon's odor absorber.