Wildfire smoke change the maple leaf color and damage the tree in Toronto August 06 2023, 0 Comments


There was wildfire smoke in Toronto last month. There are a lot maple tree leaf color change from green to white. You can see the photo below:


The widlfire smoke damage the leave of tree. It is necessary to wear the mask.


Did you see the wildfire smoke dust on your face mask when you wear it? Our nose mask catched the wirldfire smoke! July 31 2023, 0 Comments

I weared the HEPA filter nose mask during the time Toronto had a blanket of wildfire smoke. There is dust on the face of HEPA filter (left one) , the right is a a new one .

The more dark position on HEPA filter are face to the holes on nose mask front cover.

The HEPA filter is more dark on the back side in below photo. We catched the wildfire smoke since our nose mask no air leaking. Our nose mask blocked the dust and odor from the wildfire smoke. 


 The wild fire smoke is on surface and inside of the HEPA Filter.


HEPA H11 Nose Mask performance during my packaging work with heavy dust of carbon July 05 2023, 0 Comments


I wear my HEPA H11 nose mask to make a small 750g bags of pellet carbon from 25kg bag. There are dust in the air during packaging. I change the filter every half day. The HEPA filter can block the dust of carbon and keep the nose clean. 

I used 8 HEPA filters to fill the carbon into small bags and sealed 2780 bags. I accept this order because I have the nose mask.

The nose mask has advantage in no leaking and brock dust is very important. The nose mask has brocked the wildfire smoke, too. 




What is the wildfire smoke? small particle, toxic! June 09 2023, 0 Comments

The wild fire burned everthing: trees, homes, glass, trucker, cars, animals and more. The visible distance is reduced. 

So the wild fire smoke is black with smell and odor, it is toxic. The smoke is flying thousand KM away. The are small particle less them PM2.0 will go into blood. It is harmfull for your body. 

I had cough in third days during my 7 days business trip from Canada to China in 2013, the visible distance was less than 2KM in Taiyuan. There was very high air pollution in China. I feel to wear activated carbon face mask is much better than medical face mask. The medical face mask is uneless. 

I had dry cough for two months in Toronto after return from China. I had to see my family doctor. I spent C$200 on drug.

Therefore, I started to do research on face mask, and decide to make the nose mask in 2017.


We are going to donate some HEPA H11 Nose Mask to Canada Emergency Service for wildfire June 02 2023, 0 Comments

We just received a call from Canada Emergency Service to confirm we can donate some HEPA H11 Nose Mask for wildfire. There are many wildfires from BC to Helifax in Canada. There are a lot people need a good quality of mask in the area with wildfire smoke. 

We will update the inforamtion about this donate case.

HEPA + Acivated Carbon fibre to absorb wildfire smoke is the best filter, fit face and no leaking!! May 19 2023, 0 Comments

The best air purifiers fitted with HEPA filters can reduce particle concentrations by as much as 85 percent, according to the EPA. If you want to get rid of the smell of smoke in addition to particles, you’ll want an air purifier that also has a large carbon filter to absorb odors.

Our Rocky Air Nose Mask is the best mask to remove the smell, odor and wildfire smoke with no leaking.



Rocky Air will submit for NIOSH Respiratory Fit Evaluation Challenge April 28 2023, 0 Comments

There are issues with the current state of fit evaluation on filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs), especially for those working outside of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulatory oversight.

  1. Research and anecdotal information reveal that health workers at doctors’ offices, nursing homes, dental facilities, and home health settings may not conduct initial or annual fit evaluation on a consistent basis due to lack of resources and fit evaluation procedures being impractical to implement widely across an organization
  2. From a global pandemic, to wildfire smoke, and air pollution in urban areas; now more than ever the general public is wearing tight fitting respirators without the benefit of a fit evaluation to know if the respirator selected is properly providing the intended level of protection.
  3. Under serious outbreak conditions, current approaches to quantitative and qualitative fit evaluations are constrained and lack the ability to efficiently scale.

We know the face mask has a big prolem of leaking, so we are going to submit materials to this challenge!

It is true! The both surgucal face mask and  N95 mask is a uniform mask for every one, it is wrong! Each people has different shape and size, even twin's face are different. The face mask can not perfect fit the face with leaking make millions doctors and nurses are sick by COVID-19 in past 3 years. 

I will update this information.


Our Rocky Air Nose Mask can make sure wildfire smoke stays outside November 01 2022, 25 Comments

There are 4 million people in Seattle area with the sky was brown and the air was difficult to breath on Thursday. 

The 10 U.S. locations with the worst air quality on Thursday were all in Washington or Oregon, led by Oakridge, Oregon, 150 miles (240 km) southeast of Portland. Oakridge's air quality index was 487, in the hazardous category, according to the federal website.

Our both HEPA Nose mask and Portable HEPA air purifier can help you to stay outside in wildfire smoke.

Smome researh result for the wildfire damages October 18 2022, 17 Comments

Research has linked wildfire smoke to the worsening of several conditions. Fierce wildfires in California in 2020 caused people to inhale smoke that raised their risk of heart attacks by up to 70%, a study found, with the smoke causing an estimated 3,000 deaths in people older than 65.

A separate study published in May found that people living within 50km (31 miles) of wildfires over the past decade had a 10% higher incidence of brain tumors and a 5% higher chance of developing lung cancer compared with people living farther away.

There are 25 milllion people in 2020 alone breathing in potentially toxic air from fire in US. There are 10 million people in western US smoke from wildfires can be 10 time more harmful than the sources of air pollution 

The current air quality index is 553 in Sunny Nook, Oakrodge October 07 2022, 5 Comments

The air is haze in Los Angeles today! it was haze in Seattle yesterday.

It is hazardous with US AQI 382 in Oakridge today. 553 in Sunny Nook. 

The people should wear fit well with N95 mask with carbon fibre to reduce the risk for sick. 


Wildfire smoke cause lung cancer! October 05 2022, 5 Comments

Published in The Lancet Planetary Health, the study shows that people living within 50-kilometer of wildfires over the past 10 years had a 10 per cent higher incidence of brain tumors and 4.9 per cent higher incidence of lung cancer, compared to people living further away.

Breathing that air was similar to smoking seven cigarettes a day. Cigarettes at least have filters. The health effects of breathing heavy wildfire smoke is probably worse without a mask.

There is a year round with wildfire now in west US and in BC, Canada. 


Wildfire smoke in West Washington today October 04 2022, 4 Comments

It was another weekend with hazy skies due to wildfire smoke, with some areas of western Washington being “unhealthy for sensitive groups” according to the Washington Smoke blog

That wildfire started Sept. 10, and has consumed over 12,000 acres of forest, closed the Stevens Pass Highway for two weeks early on, and has since closed the highway several more times as crews battle the fire and its hazards like fallen trees and rocks.

We can not wait for the fresh wind coming to blow it! Do something before the smoke go away!

The easy way is to wear good mask, like our Nose Mask.

Wilddire smoke move to Seattle area today with air quality index 88 September 11 2022, 15 Comments

Wildfire smoke continues to move into the Seattle area today (Sunday) with air quality index is 88, visibility  4.8Km.  Air quality is now Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups in most areas and Unhealthy for everyone in some areas.

Vancouver expected to subside on Monday (tomorrow).

Are you ready with a right mask to brock the smoke?


The wildfire smoke cover the city in SF, lung cancer paitent have difficult to breath August 16 2022, 4 Comments

There is wildfire smoke to cover the city in SF today. This is a air pollution to increase the number of lung cancer in next 10 years same as in both China and India. The people should wear good quality of mask, such as our nose mask with HEPA and activated carbon fiber filter with no air leaking.


Did N95 face mask remove the wildfire smoke? August 04 2022, 5 Comments

The answer is yes. N95 face mask can remove part of wirefire smoke.

But I feel that the N95 face mask can not remove the cigrate smoke accoding my experience. I still breath in the cigrate smoke when I wear N95 face mask. 

I wear my N95 HEPA with activated carbon fiber nose mask can not feel the BBQ. One day, we played basketball in front yard. My wife told me that there is a BBQ. I did not feel any smell since I weared my nose mask. I feel the smell when I take off my nose mask.

The N95 face mask has air leaking, so you will still get the smoke! 




Why the nose mask can remove the wildfire smoke? July 25 2022, 10 Comments

Nose Mask can remove the wildfire smoke:

1. HEPA H11 (N95) filter

2. Activatec carbon fiber filter

3. No air leaking


Who is at greatest risk from wildfire smoke?

  • People who have lung diseases like COPD or asthma, or heart disease, are at higher risk from wildfire smoke.
  • Older adults are more likely to be affected by smoke. This may be due to their increased risk of heart and lung diseases.
  • Children are more likely to be affected by health threats from smoke. Children’s airways are still developing, and they breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults. Also, children often spend more time outdoors engaged in activity and play.
  • Expectant mothers may be more likely to be affected by smoke because of physical changes during pregnancy, like increased breathing rates. Expectant mothers affected by smoke may also be at risk for problems such as preterm birth and babies born with low birth weight.


Wildfire smoke to make the quality of air index to 500 in Alpine, on July 24, 2022 July 25 2022, 14 Comments

The air quality index was 550 in Alpnie on July 24th. There is 3000 people moved from Midpine to safety place, 10 houses was burned. 

Our nose mask can protect you to remove th ewildfire smoke. We can ship the nose mask to you from Toronto if you need. 

HEPA + Activated Carbon fiber can remove wildfire smoke with no air leaking nose mask July 20 2022, 57 Comments

We use both HEPA H11 (N95) and Activated Carbon fiber for nose mask,  which can absorb the wildfire smoke. since our nose mask is no air leaking, so you will feel the air is very clean when you wear it in the area with wildfire smoke. 

The used 3 HEPA filters are compared to  the news one in photo here.



What kind of mask should be wearing for Wild Fire Smoke? July 16 2022, 8 Comments

Forest fire smoke is a complex and dynamic mixture of gases and very small particles that can irritate the respiratory system and cause systemic inflammation.

Our N95 HEPA with activated carbon nose mask is the right one to protect you for wildfire smoke. Since no air leaking, HEPA H11 can small particles and activated carbon fibre can remove VOC's for you. 

There are a lot of wildfire in Rocky Mountain both Canada and US.

Advice to minimize health effects from Government Website:

  • If you have a chronic condition, have rescue medication on hand at all times and a plan to follow if your rescue medication cannot bring your condition under control.
  • Look for indoor environments that might be less smoky, such as shopping malls, community centres and libraries.
  • Avoid physical exertion because the amount of smoke you breathe increases as your breathing rate increases.
  • Keep hydrated as it helps your body deal with inflammation.

The face mask can not remove the smoke since there is air leaking and can not remove the very small particles, e.g. odors, smells, or VOC's.


No. 1 Nose Mask for Wildfire Smoke, VOC's, odors and smell July 14 2022, 103 Comments

The HEPA filter with activated carbon fibre to remove wirefire smoke, VOC's, odors and smell. There is no air leaking with fresh air to breathe.  


More wildfires ad large around whole year in US and Canada, what should we do? March 17 2022, 10 Comments

U.S. Fires Four Times Larger, Three Times More Frequent Since 2000. It is year around now. The wild fire smoke is toxic, since everything is burned by fire into air .

What should we do? We have to have a good quality of mask to protect in case the fire is nearby your house, or you are in smoke.

Our N95 HEPA filter nose mask can help you to remove smoke. There is the activated carbon fiber inside the nose mask.