5 HEPA H11 Filters Package for Nose Mask (Model: MB-HEPA4017)


5 HEPA H11 Filters Package for the Nose Mask

Model: HEPA4017

Filters: HEPA H11, activated carbon fiber and non-woven cloth

Weight: 5g/filter

Qty: 5 set

PM2.5 particle filtration efficiency: >95%

Killing rate for bacteria:

    Escherichia Coli:           99.98%

    Stayhylococcus aureus:  99.99%

Testing according to : GB 21551.2-2010; GN 2626-2019

 HEPA H11 filter can capturing airborne virus. Activated carbon fiber can remove the VOC's, odors, and smells. The filter may replace by one month based on the quality of air.