Nose Mask PM0.3 first sample is on the way to test April 01 2019, 3 Comments

The first sample o named Rocky Air Nose mask is on the way to test. Here is the photo of nose mask after 2 years' design. 

It is no leak, no fog, and  instead of face mask with less area to cover the face.

There are 3 different sizes to pick up to for your nose. All the set of nose mask including in air filter box, air tube, headage and filters packaged in small case as below easy to carry when you travelling in China or India. 


Our nose mask filters out the SMOG, VOC's and odors. There is 4 air flow speeds to adjust in order to supply fresh air for your purpose of using.

Rocky Air coming soon!









Activated Carbon Fibre for air treatment February 12 2019, 4 Comments


The best way to treat the air is air filter. The activated carbon fibre is an important  material to make air filter. We can supply the fibre by 2 meter width, 10mm thick , packing by rolls.

The above shipping package for 4mm X 1M, 100 /roll.







More Activated carbon delivery to our clients July 10 2015, 0 Comments

We have shipped more activated cabon to our client in Toronto. The 3rd picture is carbon loading into the container at Port of Tianjing, China. The 1st and 2nd pictures is carbon unloading on ground in Toronto, Canada. The condition of bulk bag packaging is perfect.



More Air Tilter Type May 21 2015, 0 Comments

There are more type of air filter using pellet activated carbon. We supply the pellet 40/60 to last time for the air filter activated carbon replacement. We will supply more Pellet 40/70 to them for another air filter. I post the different air filters here.

The pellet activated carbon is the best form using for air treatment. Our carbon has lost cost and best performance for our client.