Make a "Nose Gas Mask + Swimming Glass" to be Gas Mask to Protect you in wild fire or in the War March 13 2022, 4 Comments

"Nose Gas Mask" VS "Face Gas Mask" to protect you March 08 2022, 0 Comments

We are make the Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon Nose Mask for VOC's , Odor, and Smell removement. 

We can change the type of filter to mask "Nose Gas Mask" for protect the people in the war with similar function as Face Gas Mask. The nose gas mask can  treat the air pollution smell in the war.

Looks Good To Me January 30 2022, 0 Comments

Stay Home, wear face mask!

Bar closed, Food Court closed,

No Fitness, no where to go!

The nose mask help you to free eating, free drinking, no fog, no virus.

We received the photo from Facebook.  He move down the face and put the nose mask on feel: Looks Good To Me".



How to remove smell in hallway from the garage shaft in building? January 25 2022, 1 Comment

The biggest complaint is odor comes in hallway near the garage shaft in building. The odor comes from the decay of fruit, vegetable, meats and diappers, etc.  It is worse in the heat summer.

Our Jurassic Carbon bag can help you to solve this problem.  

We can help you to stop the complaints from your residents. 




Test for durable of the bag by accident. October 23 2013, 0 Comments

Yesterday, my wife called to her mother. One the phone, her mother told her there is an accident for the carbon filter bag.

There is smell in the wash machine. So, she put one carbon bag into the wash machine try to absorber the smell. ....

Afternoon, She put all the cloths into the wash machine.

Late, She found there is a carbon bag inside the wash machine when she take the clean cloths. The carbon bag is not break, no leaking, nothing changed in packaging.

She think she will let us know this accident when we call her. It is another free test for the durable of the bag by accident. 


New price for Thanksgiving Week October 08 2013, 0 Comments

The unit price is C$2.00 per carbon fliter bag packaging size for 10, 50 and 100 Packs for Thanksgiving Week to Oct. 16, 2013.

This is the nice gift for your friends who just moved to a new condon or new house. Order today (before 5 PM) delivery today!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!