What kind of mask should be wearing for Wild Fire Smoke? July 16 2022, 8 Comments

Forest fire smoke is a complex and dynamic mixture of gases and very small particles that can irritate the respiratory system and cause systemic inflammation.

Our N95 HEPA with activated carbon nose mask is the right one to protect you for wildfire smoke. Since no air leaking, HEPA H11 can small particles and activated carbon fibre can remove VOC's for you. 

There are a lot of wildfire in Rocky Mountain both Canada and US.

Advice to minimize health effects from Government Website:

  • If you have a chronic condition, have rescue medication on hand at all times and a plan to follow if your rescue medication cannot bring your condition under control.
  • Look for indoor environments that might be less smoky, such as shopping malls, community centres and libraries.
  • Avoid physical exertion because the amount of smoke you breathe increases as your breathing rate increases.
  • Keep hydrated as it helps your body deal with inflammation.

The face mask can not remove the smoke since there is air leaking and can not remove the very small particles, e.g. odors, smells, or VOC's.


Nose mask for home printing to remove dust and odors July 14 2022, 16 Comments

You may print your home by yourself. Nose mask can protect you to remove dust and odors. There is no air leaking, you will feel no smell of dust during your work if you wear our nose mask.

How to remove smell in hallway from the garage shaft in building? January 25 2022, 14 Comments

The biggest complaint is odor comes in hallway near the garage shaft in building. The odor comes from the decay of fruit, vegetable, meats and diappers, etc.  It is worse in the heat summer.

Our Jurassic Carbon bag can help you to solve this problem.  

We can help you to stop the complaints from your residents. 




Odor Absorber for home odor control -Launching on June 12, 2013 May 11 2013, 4 Comments


Our new product coconut shell based Odor Absorber is launching on June 12, 2013.

It is all purpose odor absorber for home smell removal.

It is the best to remove the VOCs, toluene, xylene and formaldehye from home renovation.

This is non toxic, harmless and disinfects good.

There is two size package: one simple bag (50g) or 5kg carton (100 packs)