Did you see the wildfire smoke dust on your face mask when you wear it? Our nose mask catched the wirldfire smoke! July 31 2023, 0 Comments

I weared the HEPA filter nose mask during the time Toronto had a blanket of wildfire smoke. There is dust on the face of HEPA filter (left one) , the right is a a new one .

The more dark position on HEPA filter are face to the holes on nose mask front cover.

The HEPA filter is more dark on the back side in below photo. We catched the wildfire smoke since our nose mask no air leaking. Our nose mask blocked the dust and odor from the wildfire smoke. 


 The wild fire smoke is on surface and inside of the HEPA Filter.


The HEPA + activated carbon fibre Face Mask has finished the designing! May 19 2023, 0 Comments

The smallest face mask has finished the designing, no leaking, fit properly for men women face shape and size. 


We will have both Nose Masks and Face Maks to meet your demand to protect your health.

The smallest both HEPA H11 and HEPA H12 filter face masks are in designing now on the word!! March 23 2023, 0 Comments

We are going to design the face masks to cover both nose and mouth. There are two type of face masks:

1. HEPA H11 filter face mask

2. HEPA H12 portable air purifier with face mask

The advantage of this design are below:

1. No leaking

2. The silicon components with no sensitive and /or no allergy to 

3. Less area to cover the face compare to N95 face mask.  There is 40% of N95 face mask covered area.

4. Use HEPA as fiber with activated carbon 

5. Less space between the mask and face, reduce the level of carbon dioxide (CO2).

6. Breathing easy, due to the air flow is faster then N95 face mask.


Relonged use of face mask by healthcare professionals (doctors and nurses) and health workers in senior house center during COVID-19

Workers in mine, or working in dust or odor environment, such as construction workers. 

Remove the wildfire fire smoke, ..., and more.


Face mask with air tube