Wildfire smoke in Toronto today! Test the performance of Rocky Air HEPA H12 Air Purifier June 28 2023, 0 Comments

You easy to test the smell of the wildfire smoke if you wear leaking face mask.

I tested the quality of air PM0.3um was 270,000 pieces/L yeasterday. It is 720,000 todaylate afternoon. The treated air index is reduced to 158000 by our Rocky Air HEPA H12 purifier. All the data is in following photo.


(note: the record time is Chinese date, 12 hrs ahead of Toronto's time)


We also test the electrostatic filter air purifier (sample). The performance is better. Reduce the PM0.3um to 139000.



The first order from Europe - Sweden for HEPA filter nose mask and Portable HEPA Air Filter September 06 2022, 14 Comments

We received the first order from Sweden for both HEPA filter nose mask and portable HEPA air filter yeasterday. 

We have sold our Rocky Air product to China, Austrial, Canada, USA, Taiwan and Sweden so far. We have more and more clients accept our innovation idea-nose mask. The US Forest Service is reviewing our product for wildfire smoke removal. We will get the result soon. 


Did N95 face mask remove the wildfire smoke? August 04 2022, 5 Comments

The answer is yes. N95 face mask can remove part of wirefire smoke.

But I feel that the N95 face mask can not remove the cigrate smoke accoding my experience. I still breath in the cigrate smoke when I wear N95 face mask. 

I wear my N95 HEPA with activated carbon fiber nose mask can not feel the BBQ. One day, we played basketball in front yard. My wife told me that there is a BBQ. I did not feel any smell since I weared my nose mask. I feel the smell when I take off my nose mask.

The N95 face mask has air leaking, so you will still get the smoke!