What is relationship between the lung cancer number and wildfire smoke? June 18 2023, 0 Comments

They found that people who lived within 50 kilometres of a wildfire in the past 10 years were 10 per cent more likely to develop brain tumours, and five per cent more likely to have lung cancer, compared to people living further away.

The wildfire smoke is every where from east cost to west in Canada. The PM2.5 particles reduce the visibility. 

You should wear very good quality of face mask (no leaking) in order to avoid the lung cancer. 

According to National Cancer Center's report, the number of lung cancer inireased by 300% from 1990 to 2017 due to air pollution, 14.4% of death is coming from PM2.5 air pollution. 

A higher risk of getting cancer compared to those who don't. Wearing an N95 mask to fend off smoke during outdoor activities to reduce part of smoke.

The wildfire can burn everthing! The N95 can not brock all stuff since you still feel the odor and smell when you breath. 

The best mask for wildfire smoke must meet following conditions:

1) No air leaking mask to fit face

2) HEPA Filter N95, N99, N100, or electrostatic filter

3) Activated carbon fibre


Why the mask has limited protection for wildfire smoke? September 13 2022, 8 Comments

The mask have to meet following codition:

1. No air leaking, mask must fit very tightly. The mask fit over the nose and under chin

2. N95 or N100 can filter out fine particle PM2.5 from smoke, but not hazardour gases. The activated carbon fibre can absorb it. 

3. Use Electrostatic filter air purifier to absorb the wildfire smoke and radon. The PM0.01 particle can be removed. 


The first order from Europe - Sweden for HEPA filter nose mask and Portable HEPA Air Filter September 06 2022, 14 Comments

We received the first order from Sweden for both HEPA filter nose mask and portable HEPA air filter yeasterday. 

We have sold our Rocky Air product to China, Austrial, Canada, USA, Taiwan and Sweden so far. We have more and more clients accept our innovation idea-nose mask. The US Forest Service is reviewing our product for wildfire smoke removal. We will get the result soon.