Make a "Nose Gas Mask + Swimming Glass" to be Gas Mask to Protect you in wild fire or in the War March 13 2022, 14 Comments

"Nose Gas Mask" VS "Face Gas Mask" to protect you March 08 2022, 4 Comments

We are make the Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon Nose Mask for VOC's , Odor, and Smell removement. 

We can change the type of filter to mask "Nose Gas Mask" for protect the people in the war with similar function as Face Gas Mask. The nose gas mask can  treat the air pollution smell in the war.

I can eating, drinking and smile! Nose Mask -for wild fire smoke, allergies, air pollution, virus and travel August 27 2021, 37 Comments

Why Buy a Face Mask That Only Does 80% the Job?

This includes N95/N99-rated masks and particle respirators, which only filter out particulate matter, offering you no protection from the hundreds of dangerous chemicals and gases in wildfire smoke, cigarette smoke, traffic pollutants and smog, nor from VOCs and fragrances at home and in the workplace. The Face mask has air leaking from top to the two sides.

Nose Mask has HEPA 95 with silver icon sprayed, activated carbon fiber, and no-woven cloth combined filter, designed to provide effective wide-spectrum air cleaning of allergens, particles and gases, while offering reusable, durability, comfort and no air leaking style. 

Our replacement air filter is N95 with silver sprayed on. We make the sample today with mass production facility.


Wild fire around world, need nose mask! August 06 2021, 4 Comments

There are more 300 wild fires in BC. 150 fires in Ontario, and QC in Canada. There are wild fires in US, Turkey, and Greece.

The cloth face mask can not brock the smoke from wild fire, the wild fire burns every thing include in tree and house. WE need HEPA filter with no air leaking face mask with purifier to treat smoke.

We product use HEPA with carbon fiber can treat the air for both N95 Nose mask and N99 Portable Purifier with nose mask.