Boat Odor March 26 2014, 4 Comments

Boat odor removal with the Jurassic Carbon is easy and our Carbon Filter Bag will keep boats smelling fresh and clean.

There are also the usual spills from eating food and drinking beverages, which get down into hard-to-reach areas, and often fish odors as well. Tobacco fumes can penetrate the upholstery and smoke residue will cling to the ceiling and other interior surfaces. Sweat and body odors can also be a factor. The result is a potent combination for unwanted odors in various rooms, cabins and galleys.

Solution: To remove boat mold odor, place the carbon filter bags in the space.  As a result, you and your passengers will now have a much better sailing experience in a fresh smelling cabin or vessel.

Photos at the 2014 GTA Home Show February 24 2014, 5 Comments


We delivery the flyers and show our Odor Absorber product to the customers at 2014 GTA Home Show at International Center (Feb. 20-23). 

The ways to get your home smell away October 07 2013, 4 Comments

Most people purchase air fresheners. However, there are also many economic, natural ways to make your house smell good. The cost of air fresheners are from C$200 to C$500 for one room only.  There is a monthly maintenance cost additional.

The quickest, and easiest way is to buy activated carbon filter bag. Once you have purchased carbon filter bag, you can place the carbon bag in the whole house. One 100 packs carbon filter bag cartoon is for 1100 square feet for more than one year. It is the best for the now house or codon to remove the odors from the construction material and new furniture.

Activated Carbon Carving September 06 2013, 12 Comments


We are going to launch the activated carbon carving plate for home odor removal on Sept. 23rd. The first three carving plates are : Happiness, Gold Dragon Fish and Family. We will release the photo of carving plates soon in "Carving" on Product for order on line.

We will add more information for the activated carbon carving on the "Carving" on home page. 

Free Shipping for odor absorber order August 03 2013, 4 Comments

Free Shipping on orders 100 Packs carton in Canada & USA




Odor Absorber for home odor control -Launching on June 12, 2013 May 11 2013, 4 Comments


Our new product coconut shell based Odor Absorber is launching on June 12, 2013.

It is all purpose odor absorber for home smell removal.

It is the best to remove the VOCs, toluene, xylene and formaldehye from home renovation.

This is non toxic, harmless and disinfects good.

There is two size package: one simple bag (50g) or 5kg carton (100 packs)