The ways to get your home smell away October 07 2013, 4 Comments

Most people purchase air fresheners. However, there are also many economic, natural ways to make your house smell good. The cost of air fresheners are from C$200 to C$500 for one room only.  There is a monthly maintenance cost additional.

The quickest, and easiest way is to buy activated carbon filter bag. Once you have purchased carbon filter bag, you can place the carbon bag in the whole house. One 100 packs carbon filter bag cartoon is for 1100 square feet for more than one year. It is the best for the now house or codon to remove the odors from the construction material and new furniture.

The new price is published for home smell removal filter bags September 30 2013, 4 Comments

The prices are same as C$2.5 per bag for all activated carbon filter packaging sizes:10 packs, 50 packs and 100 packs.

Free shipping for the carton order (100 packs) in both Canada and USA.




Listing carbon bag on Yellow Page for home smell removal September 25 2013, 4 Comments

Jurassic Carbon's carbon bag is going to listing on the Yellow Page for the home smell removal, home odours removal, pet odor removal..... on Nov.1st, 2013.

Mr. Rodger introduce the carbon filter bag to Yellow Page's media consultant. They are very interesting in our product and will help Jurassic Carbon to introduce the carbon filter bag to their clients on Nov. 1st, 2013.