What is the wildfire smoke? small particle, toxic! June 09 2023, 5 Comments

The wild fire burned everthing: trees, homes, glass, trucker, cars, animals and more. The visible distance is reduced. 

So the wild fire smoke is black with smell and odor, it is toxic. The smoke is flying thousand KM away. The are small particle less them PM2.0 will go into blood. It is harmfull for your body. 

I had cough in third days during my 7 days business trip from Canada to China in 2013, the visible distance was less than 2KM in Taiyuan. There was very high air pollution in China. I feel to wear activated carbon face mask is much better than medical face mask. The medical face mask is uneless. 

I had dry cough for two months in Toronto after return from China. I had to see my family doctor. I spent C$200 on drug.

Therefore, I started to do research on face mask, and decide to make the nose mask in 2017.


The leaking mask can not brock the wildfire smoke June 08 2023, 0 Comments

You can feel the wildfire smoke due to leaking. The face mask can not protect you for the smoke if there is a leaking. You should wear the N95 face mask with fit.

Our HEPA H11 Nose Mask can help you to brock the smoke, absorb the odors and smell by activated carbon fibre.


The HEPA + activated carbon fibre Face Mask has finished the designing! May 19 2023, 0 Comments

The smallest face mask has finished the designing, no leaking, fit properly for men women face shape and size. 


We will have both Nose Masks and Face Maks to meet your demand to protect your health.

Yellow sand reaches Japan again! April 13 2023, 0 Comments

What should we do when you face the yellow sand?

My suggest is wear our HEPA H11 nose mask due to no leaking.

All the face mask with leaking is failed to brock the sand. The size of sand is 1-7um, the sand will into the face mask through the leaking, then go into your nose and mouth. 

A lot of people do not wear the face mask in sand storm. Since the face mask will be wet, the sand will ben wet and stick inside of  the face mask, you will feel the skin of face is not comfortable. 

I saw the yellow sand in Beijing in spring 2003. The yellow sand flied to Japan.

It is the 8th yellow sands in China in 2023. 


Stay Home! Wear Mask!


Our N95 Nose Mask V Face Mask in air leaking, remove pollen, VOC's and more April 01 2022, 20 Comments

                                           N99 HEPA  Nose Mask        Normal Face Mask

Capturing COVID-19                            Yes                                  No

Air leaking                                             No                                   Yes

Reusable                                               Yes                                 No

Fog                                                         No                                 Yes

Face cove                                              No                                  Yes

Nose Cover                                           Yes                                  No

Mouth Cover                                          No                                   Yes

PM2.5 filter rate                                    >95%                               78%

Killing rate of bacteria                          99%                                  No

With Activated Carbon filter                 Yes                                   No 

Remove SMOKE/Odor                        Yes                                  N/A

Filter Bacteria                                      >95%                               N/A

Remove pollen                                    Yes                                   N/A

Remove VOC's                                   Yes                                   N/A

Ontario ending mandatory mask mandate in schools and other indoor settings on March 21 March 09 2022, 19 Comments

There is COVID-19 in airborne. Our N95 HEPA is the best protect to protect you in next stage. The airborne COVID-19 virus is breathing in through nose. Keep yourself safety and health is very important. HEPA filter can capture the COVID-19.

No air leaking, re-useable filter for 60 days, no fog, antibiosis, 

The spring is coming on the way here. Our nose mask can help you filter the pollen. There are 20-30% of Canadian with pollen allergy problem. 

Looks Good To Me January 30 2022, 4 Comments

Stay Home, wear face mask!

Bar closed, Food Court closed,

No Fitness, no where to go!

The nose mask help you to free eating, free drinking, no fog, no virus.

We received the photo from Facebook.  He move down the face and put the nose mask on feel: Looks Good To Me".



The First Delivery in North America for N95 HEPA Nose Mask January 21 2022, 8 Comments

The First Delivery for N95 HEPA Nose Mask In North America

We have received the goods today. It is very good quality in package. The pre-order is shipped to New York this afternoon.

We also prepare the shipping packaging for local order!



N95 HEPA Nose Mask is coming to North America January 15 2022, 10 Comments

The first shipment of our N95 HEPA Nose Mask is on the way by Fedex to Toronto. We will receive it on Jan. 20th, 2022.

Our Nose Mask is effective mask during the ongoing Omicron Wave of Covid-19 pandemic. It is free drinking, reusable, antibiosis, free eating, no air leaking, no fog!

We hope you safe!



How do I choose the best face mask for me? September 27 2021, 5 Comments

How do I choose the best face mask for me?

To keep your lungs safe from wildfire smoke or other extreme air event, here is what you can consider when choosing a face mask:

First, here is what you should avoid: Surgical face masks, bandanas, or the top half of your sweater are insufficient to protect against airborne toxins. Particles of smoke, dirt, and other unhealthy substances easily get around these poor seals.

N-95 Respirator masks

Particulate respirators are usually the best call for most people who are concerned with keeping their lungs healthy during an extreme air event. It is particularly important to get one with the proper rating, however.

N95 are the most common respirator masks available and are usually sufficient. The “95” means the mask is capable of filtering out 95% of particles sized 0.3 microns. Some masks may be rated N99 or even N100, which means they will filter 99% and 99.97% respectively. The letter part of the rating is less important as it refers to the mask’s ability to resist oil-based liquids that may splash on the mask such as blood or automotive fluids that may splash on the mask in occupational settings. “N” means that mask is Not oil resistant.

Some masks may be rated R, which means they are oil-Resistant, or even P, which means they are oil Proof. The P100 mask is one kind of oil proof mask that can filter 99.97% of particles (rounded up to be rated 100). The N95 is the best option for most since higher numbers or more oil-resistant ratings also make it more difficult to breathe.

Avoid respirators that do not have a rating or do not have “NIOSH” stamped next to the rating. NIOSH is the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a part of the Center for Disease Control. NIOSH recommends a full seal between the mask and your face, so trim your beard if you have one, and get a specially fitted mask for any children you are responsible for. Along the same lines, the standard masks do not provide a seal around a dog’s muzzle, so if you need to keep your dog’s lungs safe, invest in a mask specifically for your dog.

Some respirators have a little box with a valve in the center. This is to allow exhaust breath to escape. While this reduces the efficacy of the respirator, it also allows carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture to vent.

Gas masks

Gas masks are much more expensive and require separate filtration cartridges. People with severe asthma or chemical sensitivities should consider using a gas mask to be sure they are breathing the clean air their lungs need.

If you have heart or lung issues that cause shortness-of-breath

If you  have a special health condition,  it may be necessary to get a PAPR or just not use a mask at all, though you should follow instructions from a medical professional. This will ensure that even if you are breathing heavily, there will not be any extra strain. In fact, the California Department of Public Health states that “wearing a mask may actually be harmful to some people with heart or lung disease because it can make the lungs work harder to breathe.” And even if you do not have any cardiopulmonary issues, you will be breathing in less oxygen when using a mask, so be sure to take it off whenever you get a chance or if you find breathing through it difficult.

I can eating, drinking and smile! Nose Mask -for wild fire smoke, allergies, air pollution, virus and travel August 27 2021, 37 Comments

Why Buy a Face Mask That Only Does 80% the Job?

This includes N95/N99-rated masks and particle respirators, which only filter out particulate matter, offering you no protection from the hundreds of dangerous chemicals and gases in wildfire smoke, cigarette smoke, traffic pollutants and smog, nor from VOCs and fragrances at home and in the workplace. The Face mask has air leaking from top to the two sides.

Nose Mask has HEPA 95 with silver icon sprayed, activated carbon fiber, and no-woven cloth combined filter, designed to provide effective wide-spectrum air cleaning of allergens, particles and gases, while offering reusable, durability, comfort and no air leaking style. 

Our replacement air filter is N95 with silver sprayed on. We make the sample today with mass production facility.


I have COVID-19 vaccine with nose mask May 16 2021, 18 Comments

I wear my N95 Nose Mask with face mask to have COVID-19 vaccine. The policeman told me that it is the first time for him to see the nose mask. I told him there is a N95 HEPA inside to filter the virus, no air leaking. The policeman got surprise when I told him I design and make the nose mask.

The nurse ask me why to wear it. She is smile after my introduction. She told me the nose mask is more seal compare to face mask, it is very good. She wears the medical face mask.


Nose Mask help me to breath with fresh air October 21 2020, 4 Comments

I wear N95 HEPA Filter Nose mask with face mask (some time) to No Fills, Wallmart, Home Depot, Dingtai supermaket, and Shopper Drug, and more


I listen to government to stay home, replace the 100 sq. meter hardfloor within 100 days. The Carbon Filter Nose  Mask to help me to remove odor and dust. 


I wear nose mask when I am walking oustside of the hose, even I am drinking beer.




I like my nose mask instead of face face! no air leaking, no moisture on glass.



























Rocky Air "Nose Mask" is available in China market July 11 2020, 4 Comments

Our first Nose Mask product is available in China now.

The product is in 100th Labor and Health Trade Show in Shanghai from July 3-5th. There is a lot of people to visit our boost during 3 days show.




Rocky Air for anti-virus Nose Gas Mask March 23 2020, 6 Comments

We are going to lanuch this new product call Nose Gas Mask to protect yourself  for COVID-19.

There is special activated carbon filter bag in the nose mask, which silicon nasal pillow to seal, no air leaking free talking, free drinking or eating.

You can heat the carbon bag by to seconds by microwave, or  under sun shine for 1 hour to remove the moisture inside the carbon bag. We can change the used carbon bag every 90 days. 

We will sale our new product in early May. You can order in advance on this website in early April, delivery to you in Middle of May, 2020

We will update the news for you!