5 N95 HEPA Filters Package for Nose Mask (Model: MB-HEPA4017)


5 N95 HEPA Filters Package for the Nose Mask

Model: HEPA4017

Filters: N95 HEPA, activated carbon fiber and non-woven cloth

Weight: 5g/filter

Qty: 5 set

PM2.5 particle filtration efficiency: >95%

Killing rate for bacteria:

    Escherichia Coli:           99.98%

    Stayhylococcus aureus:  99.99%

Testing according to : GB 21551.2-2010; GN 2626-2019

 HEPA filter can capturing airborne virus. Activated carbon fiber can remove the VOC's, odors, and smells. The filter may replace by one month based on the quality of air.