Silver Impregnated Carbon filter Nose Mask Re-useable for 90 days (Delivery in Dec., 2020)

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Rocky Air - Nose Mask is a personal protection equipment (PPE) for air treatment. There is a Silver-impregnated Activate Carbon filter in the nose mask.

The frame of Nose Mask is made by PC + ABS Plastic and Silicon. There are 3 sizes of nasal pillows (Large, Middle and Small) for man, women and children. There is no air leaking.

There is a special activated carbon filter in the nose mask to treat the air.  

 Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon

The silver Impregnated Activated Carbon is the micropore of silver sprayed into the activated carbon and fixed a new technology air purification product through high temperature. The carbon can absorb harmful gases through the silver formualdehyde. benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, can effectively eliminated all kinds of odors.

Because of its excellent adsorption ability, bacteria, odor, residual chlorine, petroleum, heavy metal ions, radioactive materials, moldy odor, bacteria and other harmful substances.


Advantage and Application of the Nose Mask:

1. No air leaking, safety for skin, breath easy.

2. Nose part design is ideal for both continuous and intermittent use.

3. Quality Approval certificate is for bacteriostasis.

4. Multi-purpose respirator assembly works in a variety of workplace application. Such as remove the smoking, odors, VOC's and more.

 Cleaning and Replacement

1. Nose Mask cleaning: clean water to wash with hand soap.

2. Replace the carbon filter every 3 months.


1. on set of nose mask

2. 3 nasal pillows: L, M and S sizes 

3. 2 carbon filters,

5. 1 headgear

6. Shelf-life: 5 years

7. Dates of use of carbon filter: 90 days 

8. Weight of nose mask with headgear: 36g 



1. The Rocky Air is designed by our company Jurassic Activated Carbon Inc. in Canada. This Nose Mask is made in China. 

2. Delivery date:  Dec., 2020