Activated Carbon Refresh Insole for Man's Shoe (XD-001-2)


Activated Carbon Insole for shoe odor removal:


This is activated carbon based insole. Effective for odor eliminating, antibacterial action, deodorization and mold prevention. 


1. Effective for odor elimination, antibacterial action, deodorization, and mold prevention and prevents the smell inside the your shoe.

2. Will fit any kind of shoe as it is thinly-made.


How to use:

1. Cut the included pattern paper along the line accordinh to your shoe size.

2. Place the cut pattern paper on the insole and cut it.


At first cut insole a little bigger and adjust by laying it inside the shoe as the size of shoe may differ according to manufacturer/

It will be more effective and comfortable if you prepare 2 sets of this products, and change and dry every 2 days.

size: 28.0cm

For:  Man. 

Sr. Code: XD-001-2