Nose Mask with Personal Mini Air Filter

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Nose mask with personal mini air filter

New product is in designing, production production process. It is going to public in Early 2018. Please contact : is your are interesting in, or want to buy one in , or want to get update information.


1. Advantage: Breath fresh air, free talking, free drinking with smile!

                          Broke PM 0.007 by 85% (HEPA broke PM0.007 by 40%)

2. Application

(1) With Rocky Air" to breath fresh air in China and India even there is SMOG every where. There are more than 30 cities annual average PM2.5 over 80.

(2) Personal protection item under dust working condition. The nose mask replace to face mask. To absorb the  odors and so on.

(3) Breath easy under fire smog, such as building  fire or forest fire. The Nose mask can broke the smog to save life. It is the useful for the fire fighter under the smoke