Carbon Carving - Fish 248 (TD-1083)

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Activated Carbon Carving-  Fish (TD-1083)


The carbon carving products are made from high-quality activated carbon, the traditional manual process sculpture, and precious natural silicon paint coloring, color ancient natural, given the quaint appearance of high-tech products and a strong cultural background, is activated carbon molding technology and traditional carving the perfect combination. At the same time concerned about the public health both decorative features, is a kind of clean air can not only beautify the environment of multi-functional environmental crafts.

Deodorization: The adsorption, catalytic performance, a strong smell adsorption source, sweetening capacity than ordinary products 5-10 times strong. 

Detoxification: The control room air, decorative materials distributed by adsorption of ammonia, formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), benzene, toluene and other toxic and hazardous chemical gas.

Apart from the super-adsorption capacity, at the same time have a profound cultural foundation and brilliant appearance, gifts from relatives and friends and business activities of the best gifts.


Size of carving plate:    248mm x 20mm

Gross weight:                1.545kg

Material of plate:           activated carbon

Cover Area:                   20-25 sq. meter / unit

Usable up to:                 3 years

Function:                        Remove all kind of odor or smell and keeping the air clean at home.