4" Plexible high temperature tube ( Length1 meter)


The snorkel is flexible, high temperature resisting. It is easy and fast to install on exhaust pipe. 

The steel butterfly steel hose clamp makes easy to tighten, no tools needed, easy and quick installation.

Application : 

  1. Make a extra exhaust pipe when you face flood water.

  2. Car emission testing pipe (maxi. length 10 meter) . The price is available for quote.


Size ID: 4" (100mm)

Length: 1 Meter

Weight: 1.25kg

Temperature: -40 to 180 centigrade

 The following cars are suitable to fit:

       Toyota Camry XSE 2016, 

        Ford, 80mm


Turn off the engine when you install/remove the tube if you have to pass the deep flood water. Put on the gloves.

Temporary use: remove the snorkel  after you pass the deep flood water.