Rubber Tube Snorkel - High temperature tube (2"ID)


This is a flexible tube for:

Make a extra tube on exhaust pipe to pass and drive in deep flood water.

It is chemical and sake resisting, corrode and high temperature resistance.

The steel butterfly hose clamp easy to tighten, no tolls needed, easy and quick installation.


Weight: 420g

Length: 1 meter

Size ID: 2" (50mm)

Temperature: low -40, High 80 centigrade

e.g. right size for below models:

  Toyota corolla CE 50mm

  Mazda 3 50mm



Turn off engine when you install /remove the tube to /from the exhaust pipe. Putting on gloves.

Temporary use: Remove the tube from exhaust pipe after you pass the flood water immediately. 

 Delivery Dec. 20th, 2108