JB JackBag to float a car in flood water in 3 to 20 minutes

We are going to start the "JB JackBag" project, a air bag floating a car and move from deep water to a safety place within a  short time.

The JB JackBag Program:

 Your car maybe fire off by flood water in case below:

Can you do to rescue your valuable car by yourself when the car fire out? 

Air Bag Model

You can take the Jack Bag from the back of your car if you have it. Then you open the Jack Bag, put the Jack bag under the car, connect by air tube between air  blower and Jackbag, the air blower is supplied by a battery (part of the equipment). The air blower supply the air into the air bag.

The car will start to up from 3 to 20 minutes depend on your tolls bought. Your can move the car from the deep water to safety place. Your car is saved. 

Release the air from the bag, and use it again if you want to move another car from deep water or move stuff  or move people. The life for the Jack bag is 8 years. The air bag can float 2000kg. The size of air bag is 170 x 390 x 30 cm., 6.63 square meter. 

 The JB JackBag sample 


 Connection equipment in three model.







Air compressor






No battery

Battery weight


10 kg


Air compressor weight




Air fill in time


5 minutes

20 minutes

Floating weight




Life of bag

8 years

8 years

8 years


The price are available if you are interesting in JB Jackbag!