Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon Filter Bag for Odor Removal -10 Packs


  • 50g Coconut shell activated carbon based non-woven cloth bag for all purpose odor absorber.

Non-woven carbon bag:

     - Super absorber for odor

     - Soft touch

     - Very hygienic & durable

     - No carbon powder leaking, no secondary pollution, harmless

     - 100% coconut shell activated carbon         

     - Usable up to 6 months         


It is a odor absorber for cars, bathroom, pets, furniture, closets, sports bags, kitchen, Refrigerator, shoes and more for home use.


  • 100% coconut shell based activated carbon
  • Net weight:            50g/bag
  • Packing material:  white color non woven cloth
  • Dimensions:          10cmx20cm

Application: Package size for home renovation or new home odor elimination, home VOCs. Also for car, pets, closets, sport bags, shoes, washroom, refrigerator, furniture and office.


1. Home renovation: 1 carbon filter per square meter

2. Car: 2 carbon filters per car; 4 carbon filters for a new car.

3. Refrigerator:2 carbon filters for a large capacity more than 200L (7 cu. ft.)


Direction: Open protective plastic bag, just place on surface. The best location for the bag is 70cm above the floor. Use one small bag per square meter for home renovation. More bags are required if the odor is strong in the especially room. The performance of carbon bag will be better it you put the bag close to the source of odor.

Maintenance: It is important to replace the carbon filter when you feel the odor is back in your room or the place where the carbon filter is applied.

Warning: Discontiune to use if there is black powder splied on the scas. Avoid the black carbon contact with skin or eyes. If contact occurs, flush eyes or skin with water. Keep out of the reach of child.

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